A Note from the Pastor

//A Note from the Pastor
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A Note from the Pastor

Dear Friends,

Welcome to Mary Mother of the Church!  We hope that you are coming with family and friends and if you are new to our congregation, we hope that you will find family and make many more friends here.

Our mission is simple, we want to “Live Jesus.”   Apart from Jesus, we will not be able to accomplish our mission.  Our congregation believes that not only do we have the support of one another, but with the gift of the Holy Spirit, we will be able to fulfill our mission and so also our desire to love God. Love others and make disciples.

We believe in Orthodox Christianity, as taught by the Roman Catholic Church. The Eucharistic celebration is the source and summit of our faith, which we seek to live and serve with the whole of our lives in vibrant and creative ways; in other words, we strive for a “dynamic Orthodoxy.” Excellence in our worship honors God.  Our music ministry gives outstanding witness to the joy in which we desire to give expression to our wonderful love for God.

About our new life in Christ . . . We believe that our Baptism makes us one family in which we learn to love one another as Christ loved us. We strive to build a church culture through Small Groups where people are open and authentic, especially about their need to grow and change. Our community does life together and Mass—that is God’s Love, is at the heart of our community life.

We believe that Jesus came to seek and save the lost. We heed God’s command to share his name with the world. We look for the opportunity to invite disconnected Catholics to join us. As a church we want insiders to reach outsiders. Our church exists for growth.

Finally, we believe that the Holy Spirit has prepared works for us to do that will advance the kingdom of Christ. We recognize God’s call on our church to serve both within our parish and also beyond: in our city, our country, and in the world. In the service of the Lord we are challenged to always do more. We accept that challenge.

Again, welcome to Mary, Mother of the Church.  Your gifts are welcome here and we hope that your active participation in our congregation will allow the New Life you find in Jesus to grow strong in you and so be of service to others.  All for the glory of God!

Welcome to our parish family . . . let’s Live Jesus!

My Love in Christ, through Mary, Mother of the Church,
Fr. Jim Perkl


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Saturday - 4:00p
Sunday - 8:30a, 11:00a, 6:00p

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