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//Parish Council and Commissions
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Parish Council and Commissions


The Parish Pastoral Council (PPC) is a volunteer advisory body to the pastor. The Council works with a Ministry Area Commission (MAC) structure to accomplish the parish mission and vision. The MAC’s are accountable to the Parish Pastoral Council. They are organized to address distinct areas of parish life.

Additionally, the MAC’s align with the departments of the parish. Parish life is supported by four Ministry Area Commissions which provide leadership in their assigned area:

  • Stewardship
  • Discipleship
  • Service
  • Worship

We are all baptized as priests, prophets and kings. With our ordained bishops, priests and deacons we share our responsibility to bring Christ into our world. As a parish, we take this responsibility seriously in developing and sustaining structures of lay leadership in collaboration with our pastor.

Reference: Excerpts from Second Vatican Council “Decree on the Apostolate of the Laity”

Ministries are formed under each MAC to actively plan and execute strategies to attain the goals and objectives formulated by the MAC. The programs, services or activities of a Ministry seek to utilize the gifts of the parish community to meet the needs of the members, the parish and the broader community. Each MAC also responds to new initiatives brought by the pastor, the members of the parish or the staff to establish new or expanded ministries. The request is brought to the Staff member for review by the MAC that represents that area of parish life. Following review the MAC brings a recommendation for approval to the Parish Leadership Team and if necessary the PPC and/or Finance Council Following the established floe chard below. Likewise, Ministries may be discontinued upon recommendation of a MAC if they no longer meet a need in the parish.

Live Jesus!

Mary, Mother of the Church
Says, “Yes” to the
Holy Spirit;
So that
The Life, Death and Resurrection
Of Jesus’ own Loving Self-surrender to God’s will,
Will be witnessed and shared by each of
Her members for the life of the world.

Yes – to the Holy Spirit.
Yes – to Jesus’ Life.
Yes – to Jesus’ Death.
Yes – to Jesus’ Resurrection.
Yes – to Jesus.
Yes – To Loving Self-surrender.
Yes – to God’s Will.
Yes – to be witness, for the life of the world.

Parish Council Members & Trustees

  • Gene Earhart  – Chair of the Parish Pastoral Council

  • Susan Foster – Secretary

  • Greg Robinson

  • Brittany Brown

  • Tim Rudolphi

  • Greg Mann

  • Kathy Kerns

  • Sarah Dickhausen

  • Jim Rice

  • Vivian Rogers


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