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Gospel Reflection

By Jim Rice  Have you ever had an “ah ha” moment? Have you ever had one of those moments when you suddenly understand something that you have been struggling with or something that has been on your mind? I have had several “ah ha” moments in my life. I remember some when I was wrestling with a

On a Mission To ‘Be Merciful Like the Father’

Dear Friends in Christ,  By the time you read this, I’ll be in The Philippines with Risen Savior Missions! I am doing God’s work, following Pope Francis’ call to all of us in this Jubilee Year of Mercy to “Be Merciful Like the Father,” and I will be helping to “feed the hungry,” as outlined in the

Gospel Reflection

By Ellen Gelking  Deuteronomy is the “Book of Remembrance” in which Moses recounts the entire journey into the Promised Land. This is the land God gave to Abraham and his descendants forever. They are coming home! The events took place on the plains of Moab, while wandering in the dessert and crossing the Jordan River, the

Rediscover Our Doors of Mercy!

Dear Friends in Christ,  In this Jubilee Year of Mercy, I’d like to draw your attention to Mary Mother’s Doors of Mercy. What? You didn’t know about these? Well, you may not have noticed them, but you pass by them every time you come to Mass when you walk from the Parish Atrium into our Church

Gospel Reflection

By Kathryn Krisko-Hagel Last summer, while caring for three of our grandchildren for the day, we decided to take them on a walk in the neighborhood. Sydney (4 years old) rode her little bicycle while her younger sister and baby brother rode in the stroller.  Sydney wanted to go to the “playground with the tan slides.” We had

‘This Is My Body, Given For You, Do This in Memory of Me’

Dear Friends in Christ, As some of you know, I do not spend a lot of time cooking. That is why I am grateful for the Seven Sisters Apostolate. They not only pray for me each day of the week, but they’ve also formed a team to try to keep me well fed! I also enjoy

Gospel Reflection

By Lou Clark  I don’t know about you, but I always feel very awkward about taking a stand on something controversial … especially in front of my peers. As a seasoned” (polite way of saying old) lector, I am always nervous before proclaiming the Word. Why? What am I afraid of? Why the reluctance? The answer is simple …

Have You Thought of Calling Upon a Stephen Minister?

Dear Friends in Christ,  Have you or someone you know experienced one of the following: Prolonged or terminal illness? Hospitalization? Losses associated with aging? Difficult pregnancy and childbirth? Pain following divorce? Mary, Mother of the Church has always attended to these and other pastoral situations in a variety of ways. Before the season of Lent begins,

Gospel Reflection: January 24, 2016

By Norma Noonan  This Sunday is designated as the Third Week of Ordinary Time, now that the Christmas season is behind us. It is the time between Christmas and the Lenten season. But, in fact this week is far from ordinary. Monday, January 25, is celebrated as the day of the conversion of Paul, one

We Are Called to Conversion Day by Day

Dear Friends in Christ,  Well over a year ago, Mary, Mother of the Church was chosen to be the site of the WINE Conference (Women In the New Evangelization). Perhaps it was our long tradition of lifelong faith formation that drew this event to us, or our convenient location, but 900 women have already signed up