Bringing the Rosary to Life

Join us for “Bringing the Rosary to Life” on Saturday, December 7, 2019 at 5:30 p.m.  As we experience the stories of the Joyful Mysteries and reflect upon the life of Jesus, a Living Rosary will be illuminated by candlelight with each prayer.  The “beads” are parishioners of all ages who say YES to be a living bead in our Rosary. 

Leroy and Gloria Berres, parishioners since 1993, first saw a Living Rosary at Nativity of Mary Church in Bloomington about 15 years ago.  Leroy commented, “the beauty of the Living Rosary and the beauty of the individuals in it is hard to explain.   Inspired by how beautiful the event was, Leroy made a large rosary for Mary Mother of the Church with the help of another long time Parishioner, Tom Nemmers.  The rosary they made will be used in the upcoming event, leading up to and encircling the altar.

Seven years ago, Roxanne Tozier prayed a Living Rosary at Mary Mother with three of her daughters.  The ages of the individuals in the rosary spanned 90 years: the youngest was 4 years old and the oldest, 94.   According to Roxanne, “It was particularly meaningful to hear voices of all ages speak the prayers of the Rosary, and to see our entire community come together to pray one complete Rosary.” 


The hope is that people of all ages will gather to pray the Living Rosary on December 7; you are invited to bring as many guests as you wish!  We need 59 parishioners to say yes to “Bringing the Rosary to Life.” If you are interested in participating as a “living bead,” please contact Cindy Monn at [email protected] All "beads" will meet in the Church immediately following 4:00 Mass for details and practice.

Leroy Berres is very excited to see the Living Rosary again, “The Living Rosary really warmed my heart, and my hope is that this beautiful event can become a more regular part of the tradition at Mary Mother.”  Leroy has always had a passion for the rosary.  So much so, that he and Gloria started the rosary maker ministry at Mary Mother of the Church in 1995.  Individual rosaries from the rosary makers, and booklets, for adults and children, with all the prayers of the rosary will be given away at the event.

The Living Rosary is nearly 200 years old.  The Living Rosary Association was founded on December 8, 1826 by Venerable Pauline-Marie Jaricot in Lyon, France. The association was formally approved by the Catholic Church through a canonical letter in February, 1827. The goals of the Living Rosary were two: to bring the people of France to a prayerful way of life and distribute Catholic literature and devotional articles.

The Living Rosary is being sponsored by the Discipleship Commission, whose goals are to increase prayer and to increase participation in faith formation at Mary Mother of the Church.

A note from Fr. Jim Perkl: 

In the months before my Mom died, she heard me say quite often to her, “I love you Mom.”  These words would always bring a beautiful smile to her face and she would say in return, “I love you more!.”  It was through those months of suffering I found even greater reason to pray the Rosary  . . . for in prayer, I never felt alone.  Praying the Rosary was my way of saying to God from my heart, “I love you.”  Like my Mom, God must have heard these words of love I prayed, for in the mysteries of Jesus’ life I sought to embrace in the Rosary, I could sense that God was indeed loving me more!  This Advent I look forward to praying the Living Rosary with Mary, Mother of the Church.  Praying the Living Rosary is one way we will be able express to God our love for Him . . . but in an even more beautiful way, for us to see and feel how He is Loving us More through each mystery of the Rosary!