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Collection for Beirut

The catastrophic explosion in Beirut on August 4, left hundreds of people dead, thousands wounded, and over 350,000 displaced and in need of basic supplies. The explosion occurred in a heavily Christian area, so many of the suffering are Christians. Lebanon is one of the last Christian strongholds in the Middle East, and our brothers and sisters need your support to recover and persevere. Saint Maron Catholic Church of Minneapolis is gathering items to send to those in need, through Caritas Lebanon, a Catholic charity.

Especially needed: 

  • New shoes and new clothing
  • Rolls of plastic sheeting and duct tape (for replacing broken windows)
  • School supplies

We will have a donation area in the Atrium through the weekend of September 12/13, where you can drop these much-needed supplies. 

If you wish to make a monetary donation, you can send a check to: 

Center for Mission 
777 Forest Street
St. Paul, Minnesota 55106 

Add “Lebanon Emergency Collection” on memo line. Or you may go online to: