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Helpful Hints for Participating in a Virtual Adoration

Useful information for viewing Virtual Holy Hours from Mary Mother:

  • The Holy Hour begins with the Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament, then includes silence with intervals of spoken prayer.
  • You may submit prayer requests by Commenting on the Facebook post.  Others will see your name and the prayers. If you wish to submit an anonymous prayer request, do so ahead of time (by 9am on Wednesday) by emailing to [email protected]
  • Prayers that are submitted via email or via Facebook comments will be included during our times of spoken petitions. Similar requests may be combined and edited for some anonymity.
  • If you join during a time of silence, it may be unclear that you're in a live stream.  Look for the flickering of candles to determine if you're "live."
  • When you go to the Mary Mother Facebook page, look for videos and then one of the top videos should have a red "LIVE" symbol.
  • If you cannot hear spoken prayers, check that your Facebook speaker is not muted, and turn up your computer's volume.
  • If you don't want to hear the prayers and prefer to adore the Lord in silence - hit the mute button.  You can mute the Facebook feed without muting your computer.  We won't be offended (actually, we won't know).
  • You can also turn off the comments on the side by putting the video into full screen mode.
  • Please note that MN Health Department guidelines prohibit your physical presence in the chapel during this time. But your "distanced" participation from your home via technology will bring great rewards. Jesus is waiting for you!