Father Jim Perkl

/Father Jim Perkl

Every Good Gift God Gives Starts with Our “Yes!” to the Holy Spirit!

Dear Friends in Christ, Just a couple of days before my annual priest’s retreat at King’s House in Buffalo, Minnesota, I received a call out of the clear blue from Deacon Rip Reardon and the Archdiocese inquiring if Mary, Mother of the Church would be open to receiving an Associate Pastor. Deacon Reardon was aware

Please Welcome Our Lady of the Smile to Our Daily Mass and Adoration Chapel

Dear Friends in Christ, As long time members of Mary, Mother of the Church know, our parish church holds a number of artistic treasures that enhance the beauty of our building and which enrich our understanding and appreciation for our Catholic faith. The front doors of our church leading into the sanctuary are a wonderful

O Happy Day!

Dear Friends in Christ, He is Risen! Alleluia! Alleluia! Happy Easter! I especially extend a warm welcome to anyone who is visiting with us from other places or faith backgrounds. As we gather today, we celebrate the beautiful gift of life that God has blessed each of us with. If you are with us today but do not worship with

How Has God Always Been?

Dear Friends in Christ, We all have questions. I am asked questions daily and since I am a priest many are theological. When I am meeting someone, who may be facing death, many questions deal with the afterlife. The Gospel for today begs us to ponder life and death. Jesus uses questions to call us

Mary Mother is an Amazing Parish!

Dear Friends in Christ, A few weeks ago, March 13 to 15, a number of our Parish Leadership Team went to the most recent Amazing Parish Conference. We were there with about 100 other parishes from all over the country. The two founders of The Amazing Parish Organization are Patrick Lencioni and John Martin, who

Amazing Conference for Mary Mother Leadership

Dear Friends in Christ, This week marks the official start of spring! Spring is a time for new beginnings, and this past week the leadership team at Mary Mother attended a conference designed to enliven and re-energize Catholic parishes as we discussed new beginnings for our Parish. The Amazing Parish Conference gathered over 100 parishes

Gardening God’s Way

Dear Friends in Christ, Lent is a time of transition and change. This Sunday we hear of the Transfiguration. The word transfiguration means: a complete change of form or appearance into a more beautiful or spiritual state. We know, from our own lives and from the impending Passion that Christ faced, that change and transformation

Loaves and Fishes, Monday, March 20

Our Loaves and Fishes group meets the third Monday of the month. Join us this Monday, March 20, (the third Monday of the month) at St. Stephen’s Church, 2211 Clinton Ave. S., in Minneapolis. Please sign up on the clipboard at the Information Booth in the Parish Atrium. Food prep begins at 2:45 pm and

Please Give Risen Savior Missions Your Two Cents

Dear Friends in Christ, As you may have already heard, Risen Savior Missions and Jerry and Barb Krosnowski of Mary, Mother of the Church, have been invited by Cardinal Tagle to serve food to the poorest of the poor in all 90 dioceses of the Philippines. Having made two mission trips to the Philippines and

Thanks for Asking…..

Dear Friends in Christ, After spending ten days in the Philippines with Risen Savior Missions (RSM), it has been good to be back home and with you this past week at Mary Mother. Since returning, many have inquired, “How was your mission trip?” I appreciate the question and the opportunity to share a little of