Dear Friends,

Merry Christmas! On behalf of our entire parish family, myself, Fr. Tim and the staff at Mary, Mother of the Church, I welcome any visitors to Mary, Mother of the Church and wish all a blessed and Merry Christmas!

At Christmas time our church may be a little fuller and noisier than usual, but it is a joyful noise because it means we are all gathered around the altar, just as your family may crowd around the table for Christmas dinner.

I extend an invitation to you to join us for Mass every Sunday here or at a parish close to where you live. The gift of the special joy of Christmas we experience today is available to us all year long. It is in drawing close to Jesus Christ, who we adore now as a baby in the manger, that we can find the Christmas joy that lives in our hearts always. Today and always, Jesus is waiting for you in the Mass, in the sacraments, and in prayer. The gift of Confession opens our souls to Christ and allows us to receive the mercy he wants to give us. The gift of Eucharistic adoration gives us time to sit with him and come to know him just by his presence. These are all ways in which we can grow in our faith and in closeness to Our Lord.

Let the moment of grace begin with this Christmas Mass and continue to grow your relationship with Jesus Christ. If you are a visitor or not yet connected to our parish, I encourage you to get involved with our church community. If you have questions about the faith, we have Catholic Inquiry every Wednesday evening from 6:30 to 8:00 pm. in Conference Room, resuming right after the holidays. All questions are welcome.

Join us for the many opportunities here at Mary Mother! We welcome you!

My Love in Christ,
through Mary, Mother of the Church,
Fr. Jim Perkl,