Discipleship is a way of living.

As disciples, we ask ourselves, “What am I called to be?” “How do I follow the work of Christ?”

Stewardship is that level of caring and responsibility that one has for family, for your home, for your family enterprise, and for your church.

It is an entrustment of a multi-generational resource.

From its inception in 1965, Mary Mother has been blessed with stewards of all ages. The Parish enjoys the strong stewardship of the founders, of young families, and individuals.

Some of the Discipleship and Stewardship programs at Mary Mother include:

  • Greeters: It’s as easy as saying hello to old friends and new faces at Mary, Mother of the Church. It’s as easy as being you! Greeters are friendly faces, new or old to Mary Mother, who can act as ambassadors for the church by welcoming all into the doors of this beautiful Church. For more information, please click here for a downloadable brochure about our Greeter Ministry.
  • Legacy Giving: Since 1965, Mary Mother pastors have tended to the spiritual needs of our parish family — baptizing, presiding at Eucharist, witnessing marriages, hearing confessions, comforting the grieving, assisting the dying, and presiding at funerals. Likewise, we think about possible ways to make gifts that reflect our values. Leaving a gift to your Mary Mother family is a way to express appreciation for the love and care this parish has given you and to maintain this mission of Jesus Christ for future generations. For more information about Legacy giving at Mary Mother, please click here for the downloadable brochure.