The Library Renovation Team has been working for the past few months to update our parish library by sorting through the existing inventory of books, classifying the remaining books and integrating with future book/resource acquisitions, and using our new book cataloging software. The team is also analyzing the library space itself in an effort to create a friendly, usable
environment for reading, reference use and meeting space.

There will be a need for some furniture pieces suitable for the proposed multiple uses of the library, including meetings and family consultations, as well as standard library use. We will hold a Book Fair of “retired” books to supplement the cost of purchasing new books to update the library. Look for that event next fall. We also have a beautiful oak card catalog with two tiers of 30 total card drawers, two wood trays and oak stand – all one complete piece. Similar wood card catalogs are currently listed at online bidding sites for values in excess of $1,000.00. This card catalog is being offered to parish members first. To make a bid or ask questions, contact Bonnie White at or 952-890-0045, ext. 228.

The team will continue their work through the summer to catalog, organize, research new acquisitions and remodel the library space, as budget allows. Please watch for information on our Book Fair and the Grand Re-Opening of the parish library in early fall.