The sacrament of Confirmation completes the grace of the Sacraments of Initiation (Baptism & First Holy Communion) by a special outpouring of the gifts of the Holy Spirit, which seal or “confirm” the baptized in union with Christ and equip them for full, active participation in the worship of the Church.

Adults Who Have Not Received Confirmation

Catholic adults over the age of 18 who have never received the Sacrament of Confirmation should contact the parish office at 952-890-0045 and see our RCIA page for more information.

Preparing Youth for Confirmation

The sacraments of Baptism, Eucharist, and Confirmation together constitute the sacraments of Christian initiation. Confirmation perfects Baptismal grace; it is the sacrament which gives the Holy Spirit in order to root us more deeply in the divine filiations, incorporate us more firmly into Christ, strengthen our bond with the Church, associate us more closely with her mission, and help us bear witness to the Christian faith in words accompanied by deeds.

  • Parents, sponsors, and candidates are expected to participate in several Confirmation preparation during 9th and 10th grade.

  • Tenth grade candidates are expected to attend a retreat in the fall and a retreat in the spring.

  • Ninth grade candidates are expected to attend a retreat in the fall and in the spring.

  • All candidates are also expected to participate in 9th and 10th grade Faith Formation on a weekly basis.


Please find the information listed below as a guideline to help you in the process of selecting someone in the role of sponsor as you continue your preparation for the Sacrament of Confirmation. Many of you have already selected a sponsor, but if you are still struggling to find someone this information will help. If you find that you have no one to serve in this role please contact us. There are people in the parish that volunteer to serve in this role for someone in need of a sponsor.

The Minimum Requirements a Sponsor must meet:

  • A sponsor must be at least 16 years of age

  • A sponsor must be a full initiated Catholic (One who has celebrated Baptism, Confirmation, and Eucharist)

  • A sponsor must not be bound by any Church penalty

  • A sponsor must not be the parent of the one to be baptized (Although a parent cannot be the sponsor, the parent can present the candidate at the Rite of Confirmation should the sponsor be unable to be present)

Other Things to Consider in Selecting a Sponsor:

  • Candidates are encouraged to consider choosing one of their Godparents as their Sponsor, which emphasizes the link between Baptism and Confirmation.

  • A sponsor is a model of how a person of faith lives in today’s world

  • A sponsor is a friend who knows the candidate and can witness to the maturing faith of the candidate before the community

  • A sponsor is a guide, confidant, and listener

  • A sponsor is a learner who is interested in her or his own growth as she or he walks the journey of faith with the candidate

  • A sponsor is someone who will continue after Confirmation to walk the faith journey with the candidate and invite her or him into fuller participation in parish life and service

Many people choose an additional saint’s name at confirmation. The preferred name, however, is the baptismal name because it expresses the relationship that exists between Baptism and Confirmation. If a new name is taken, however, it should be the name of a recognized saint of the Catholic Church. If the baptismal name is not that of a recognized saint, a new name should be chosen for Confirmation.

Names of saints are chosen to serve as patrons and models for those being confirmed. Candidates should choose a patron saint’s name, not because they like the name, but because they want to emulate, in some way, the life that person led. Since you admire this person’s lifestyle, you take on his/her name as a reminder of how Jesus calls you to grow in developing the same type of Christ-like attitude that was demonstrated in their life. In this way, you challenge yourself to become more Christ-like in your words and actions. Choose a saint that you want to be like. Maybe he or she had the same struggles as you and had a way of working with those struggles that you admire. Ask your parents which saint you were named after and look it up. See if your life reflects his/her life.

Saints are ordinary people who work hard to do God’s will. Mother Teresa responded to a reporter correctly when asked if she was trying to become a saint. She said, “Yes, shouldn’t we all strive for that?” There are several books on the lives of saints and holy people in our parish library. Please feel free to stop by and look them over as you research the lives of the saints. There is also an excellent website to search for saints by their personal attributes. Click here to check it out!

Take time to notice how these people loved. Did they work for peace? Did they show compassion and serve the poor and oppressed? Did they go that extra mile to bring Christ’s presence into the lives of others? These are just a few of the questions you might ask in your search for a patron saint. Give it some thought and choose a life you can look up to and live up to.

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