Prayer Services from Mary Mother

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Prayer for Healing and Strength

We invite you to join us in praising God, and lifting up our prayers for all those in our community during these difficult days.   We will pray for healing and for strength, with the knowledge that our God is always with us.

Our prayer is inspired by the format of the Liturgy of the Hours and Morning Prayer which we pray in our Chapel  on Tuesdays of Advent and Lent. Before you begin the video, you are invited to download a Worship Aid, so that you are able to pray with us.  

This prayer comes from our heart to yours.  Because we are not able to be together physically, this is one way we can keep our spiritual connection.

Download the Worship Aid here.

Stations of the Cross

The Way of the Cross, based on meditations by St. Alphonsus Liguori, prayed in the Mary Mother Chapel.  Please download the Worship Aid so you are able to pray along.

Download the Worship Aid here.

Signs & Symbols of the Liturgy - March 6

Catholic liturgy is a rich language composed of music, words, silence, objects, natural elements, movements, postures, gestures, and ritual actions. Each of these elements serves to open our hearts, minds, and bodies to the presence of God, allowing us to participate deeply in the mystery we celebrate.

 On March 6th, our community explored the signs and symbols of the liturgy in prayerful, participative reflection, recognizing the role of the human senses in our liturgical prayer. Through poetry, music, movement, and interaction with the symbols of the liturgy, we discovered connections between Mass and our daily lives.

Download the Worship Aid here.