Two Opportunities for Weekly Faith Formation for Adults. 

Please join us at any time.

Adult Faith Formation

Sundays 9:45am

Assembly Room

Current Study:  

   January 6 - February 9: Six-part Series: Why We Worship

      by Brant Pitrie

    Christians today have lots of different opinions about what "worship" should look like. Some think it should be all preaching, others think it should be 'entertaining', still others think it's all about the music. But what does the Bible say about worship? And why do Catholics do what they do at Mass? Why all the standing, sitting, kneeling, and repetition? Where does it all come from?


Bible Study

Fridays 9:30am 

Assembly Room


Mary Mother’s Bible Study welcomes everyone to join the journey that brings us closer to God and closer to each other. Each week, two presentations are given. Join us as we expand the study of Daniel and more: Messages of  Hope from the Prophets.

The second presentation offers background on the readings for the upcoming Sunday. Small-group discussions, faith-sharing, and prayer follow the presentations. In addition, special guest presenters are featured throughout the year.