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Fr. Jim's Camino Pilgrimage (Spain)

  • On the way to Belorado
  • Walking along the plains of Spain
  • St James with cape and staff
  • Look hard and perhaps its a shell in the sky
  • Sheep pointing us on our way
  • Looking north
  • Eating breakfast with fellow pilgrims
  • Shell on sidewalk leading to hotel
  • Pilgrim having lunch
  • Shadows pointing west
  • The Holy Family inspires my icon
  • Going to local park after late lunch
  • Bull fighting arena
  • Credentials stamped and received certificate
  • City of Moratinos
  • Resting by the well
  • Half way to Santiago de Compostela
  • Notice the shell to the left of the doorway
  • Quilted trees
  • No city in clear sight
  • Koreans on the Camino
  • The city is in view
  • I walked with Charlie and Scott all day
  • Time to pray
  • Carrion de los Condes
  • Looking out the window of my room
  • On the way to Corrion de los Condes.
  • Shelter and time to rest
  • Another church with roses
  • Walking along the plains of Spain
  • City sculpture
  • Passing through Villalcazar
  • Big sky that will bring drizzle
  • Castrojeiz to Fromista
  • Begin day by climbing big hill
  • Path below will lead us into the unexpected rain

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