Faith at Home


Mary Mother has many procedures in place to assure you may safely return to the celebration of Mass.  While there is no substitute for Mass and the reception of Holy Communion, we understand that there are those who have prayerfully discerned that they cannot return to the public celebration of the Mass due to serious health concerns.

For those parishioners, we are live-streaming our weekend liturgy at 4:00pm on Saturdays.  It is available on our website after that, through the day on Sunday. Our live-streamed Masses can be found here.  Daily Masses are also live-streamed at 9:00 am each weekday (Mon-Fri). 

For those whose health prohibits their attendance at a Mass with 50 or more people, we are offering a communion service once a month.  These are typically attended by fewer than 30 people, spread throughout our large worship space.  Please, consider this opportunity to receive the graces imparted by reception of the Holy Eucharist.

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