Sacrament Preparation

First Reconciliation | Grade 2 and Older
The child at this age seeks guidelines. Moral parables offer a model for comparing their behavior with that of the Pharisee, the Tax Collector, or the Good Samaritan. The Found Sheep, the Found Coin, and the Prodigal Son are examined as the children prepare for the sacrament of reconciliation. The proclamation and meditation of these parables stress God's love which is constantly forgiving. Enrollment in Children's Faith Formation is required for sacrament preparation. 

First Eucharist | Grade 2 and Older
The elementary children see the parts of the Mass - the Liturgy of the Word, the Preparation of the Gifts, the Eucharistic Prayer, and the Communion - as one unified prayer made of many smaller prayers. Children prepare for the celebration of First Eucharistic through a series of communion meditations focusing on the relationship with Jesus. It leads to a three to four-day retreat prior to the celebration of the First Eucharist. Preparation of personal missals filled with illustrations and prayers is also part of this preparation which helps to deepen their love and understanding of the Eucharist. Enrollment in Children's Faith Formation is required for sacrament preparation.

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