Stephen Ministry


What is Stephen Ministry? 

Stephen Ministry is designed to care for the people of Mary, Mother as well as our surrounding community.  As you go through life, you may experience a personal crisis or difficulty and need someone to listen -- possibly someone outside of your family or circle.  A Stephen Minister is there to help ease the burden by listening in a nonjudgmental and confidential manner. 

A Stephen Minister can meet with you confidentially, one-on-one for an hour each week.  During this hour, you can share your thoughts and feelings in a safe and nonjudgmental setting.

Stephen Ministers are there …

  • after the phone call you hoped you’d never get.
  • after the funeral, when everyone has left, and the emotions come crashing in on you.
  • after the relationship falls apart and the bottom falls out of your life.
  • after the doctor says, “I’m sorry, but there’s nothing more we can do.”
  • after the nursing home director shakes your hand and says, “Welcome to your new home.”
  • after the last child honks the horn, waves, and drives away—and the house is suddenly empty.
  • after the baby arrives, demanding more of you than you ever dreamed possible.
  • after you find a pink slip with your final paycheck.
  • after you feel overwhelmed dealing with any of life’s difficult situations.

If you are going through a crisis or are in distress, please contact Janet Gorshe at the parish office.  Upon discussing your situation with you, she can determine if our Stephen Ministry team can help.

Who are Stephen Ministers?

Stephen Ministers are not counselors or professionals.  We are members of the Mary, Mother parish and have been trained to provide one-to-one, Christ-centered listening care. We have a compassionate heart for those who are hurting and are equipped with caregiving ministry skills.  A Stephen Minister typically has one care receiver at a time and meets with that person once a week to provide confidential care by listening, encouraging, and offering emotional and spiritual support. 

Is God calling you to use your talents and life experiences to care for others?  If you are interested in becoming a Stephen Minister, contact Janet Gorshe at the parish office.  The Stephen Ministry Team is currently preparing for the next training session to begin in late 2023.

Bear one another’s burdens, and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ.  Galatians 6:2.