The purpose of the Youth Formation Program at MMOTC is to provide an opportunity for the youth of the parish to grow in knowledge and understanding of the Catholic Christian Faith in a community atmosphere as well as via individual spiritual growth. Our desire is to actively engage the students in a dynamic learning environment.

This Year (2020-2021)

Youth Formation at MMOTC will be hybrid to start the year.  What does that mean here at MMOTC?  We will be rotating between the MS youth and HS youth, as to who is on site for the week.  This will allow us to properly social distance during the programs. 

The first Wednesday of the month is our new program called Elevate.  This program is for families and will be held in the Church.  This is night of prayer and adoration for all youth and their families. This program was chosen due to the results from our survey asking us to give the youth more opportunities to pray.  On Elevate nights, there will be no additional formation lesson for youth.

The following weeks each month will alternate - MS youth on site one week, HS youth on site the next.  There will be at-home lessons for the group that is not on site. 

During the weeks we normally would not have session (MEA, Thanksgiving, Christmas…), we will be sending home scripture study for the family.

Our plan is to re-evaluate in the late fall and determine if a full on-site program is possible. Our calendar is prepared for a full year of hybrid operation.


Video lessons from our catechists can be found here.

Download the Youth Formation calendar here.

Faith Formation Family Handbook can be seen here, or downloaded here.

Faith Formation registration for for 2020-21 can be found here.





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