Synod Evangelization Implementation



"You Will Be My Witnesses" : Synod Year 2 



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The Goals

The June 2022 Synod Assembly Propositions adopted for Year 2 in the pastoral letter, You Will Be My Witnesses, are:

Proposition 9: Education for the Mass

Educate God’s people on the beauty, form and meaning of the Mass, with special emphasis on the Real Presence of Christ in the Eucharist.

Proposition 10: Reverent Liturgies with Active Participation

Celebrate prayerful liturgies that inspire the faithful to offer their very selves in the Eucharistic sacrifice of the Mass.


Then build on Proposition 19, which was adopted for Year 1:

Proposition 19: Small Groups

Create or grow a small group ministry at every parish that fosters personal relationships, builds community and provides formation to help parishioners grow as joyful missionary disciples of Christ.